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Update on shipping rates


As a consumer, I hate shipping rates, and I know you probably do too. Unfortunately, USPS raises rates yearly, but we have not raised rates for 5-6 years now; we charge $4.95 to ship 1-2lbs of coffee anywhere in the US, but the actual cost is just under $10, so on a $20 pound of coffee we are losing over $4 right off the top before all the other normal costs of doing business. We also price our beans competitively, and continue to sell full pounds; we will not play games like other companies, and switch to 8, 10, or 12oz for more cost per oz. 

So, we finally have to raise shipping rates, as follows:

1-2lbs - $5.95

3-6lbs - $11.95

7-8lbs - $17.95

Please keep in mind this still far less than the actual shipping cost! 

Cyber Monday Discount!

Through tomorrow, 12.2.19, 'BlackFri19' is good for 15% off all single origin coffees besides Kona! 

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Lower Shipping Rates!

Since freshness is one of our main concerns, we have always used USPS Priority 2 day mail. While 2lbs or more has always been fairly economical, due to the flat rate boxes, shipping on single pounds has been as high as $12 to the east coast, which is a lot. I'm giving flat rate envelopes [...]

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We are proud to be featured in a giveaway on, enter to win a YEAR worth of free coffee!

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LA Coffee Club just featured us as roaster of the month!

LA Coffee Club is run by some awesome coffee hounds, and really nice guys, Antone and Adam! When they asked if I'd like to be featured as their Roaster of the Month, of course I jumped at the opportunity! Putting more of our coffee in more peoples hands = win for everyone!www.lacoffeeclub.com

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We are back up for business!!!

New great digs, same great coffee! Check our Facebook for pics and details!

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We now accept Bitcoin!

Why Bitcoin? I'm a firm believe in accepting all major forms of payment. Few things are more needlessly irritating than that pesky business that doesn't accept AMEX, Discover, or whatever your personal preference is. Well, Bitcoin isn't mainstream yet, but it's a pretty safe bet it's not going anywhere, and I'd like to offer you [...]

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Shipping tips!

As most of you know, we roast to order, and ship the same day using only USPS Priority Mail. Freshness is paramount, and USPS provides the best combination of speed and lower cost. We don't pad shipping prices, it's the actual cost, with one exception I'll lay out below:Single lbs ship in a variable rate [...]

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Rhode Pig Racing results!

Rhode Pig had a fantastic two days, coming in second open class in Regionals! Here are some cool pics of the mayhem:             Lots more pics of the action here:   Great job guys! One day I'd like to show up and sling shots for you all in person!

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West Coast Roasting sponsoring a customer in the New England Forest Rally!

West Coast Roasting Company is proud to sponsor our customer (and member) Neal Liddle, in the New England Forest Rally, July 26-27!  You can read all about it here ( )'s a pretty big deal, with guys like Ken Block showing up, and competition is stiff. Neal is well-stocked with West Coast Roasting [...]

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