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Update on shipping rates


As a consumer, I hate shipping rates, and I know you probably do too. Unfortunately, USPS raises rates yearly, but we have not raised rates for 5-6 years now; we charge $4.95 to ship 1-2lbs of coffee anywhere in the US, but the actual cost is just under $10, so on a $20 pound of coffee we are losing over $4 right off the top before all the other normal costs of doing business. We also price our beans competitively, and continue to sell full pounds; we will not play games like other companies, and switch to 8, 10, or 12oz for more cost per oz. 

So, we finally have to raise shipping rates, as follows:

1-2lbs - $5.95

3-6lbs - $11.95

7-8lbs - $17.95

Please keep in mind this still far less than the actual shipping cost! 

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