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This year, I'm doing something a little different: I'll be buying very small amounts of very special coffees, 20-50lbs, and selling them here as limited edition coffees. I'll be rotating coffees through very quickly, I doubt most will last more than a week, so if something piques your interest, grab it quick! Since these are VERY limited amounts: in the off chance I run out of one Limited Release, you will be sent the next one up. Sold in 1lb increments.

New Peru Challhuamayo Edith & Ivan Meza Sagarvinaga Natural!

This coffee is from Finca Tasta, a small farm focused on elevating specialty coffee, and sustainability. Nine of their 23 hectares are left wild for local animals, and they grow several crops on the remainder as part of a push to move away from monoculture, growing plantains, yucca, beans, corn, tomatoes, pine trees, sugarcane, raspberries, blackberries, and pumpkins. Using traditional natural processing methods makes this coffee an ultimate crowd-pleaser: coffee is a fruit, and this coffee has loads of notes reminiscent of the cherry it grew in, with apricot, mandarin, blackberry, lychee, and subtle notes of lavender and lemongrass. It should make a thick, sweet espresso as well as delicious drip. Fince Tasta? No, Finca TASTY!

New Costa Rica Solis & Cordero La Maquina Honey/Natural! 1lb left!

We carried this coffee from a former Coopedota employee in January, or thereabouts, and I feel like it got glossed over to some degree. Giving the previous Colombia Santa Monica 200hr a run for it's long-fermentation money, this coffee utilizes hand-picked, carefully sorted cherries, then anaerobically ferments them with yeast for a very long 96 hours. The result is unique and absolutely gorgeous, with buckets of candied orange peel, port wine/grape, tropical notes of dragon fruit, and pineapple-y IPA-like herbacius notes. Amazing for drip, entertaining as espresso!

New Colombia Santa Monica Natural 200HR! Sold Out!

This coffee is grown by Jairo Arcilo, a third generation coffee grower with over 40 years under his belt, whos children started the export company, Cofinet, which imports this coffee. Jairo has effectively used alternative processing and types of coffee to boost profits, offering unique coffees such as this wild one here. 

This coffee is 100% Castillo, not unusual in the least; what is unusual is the processing. The coffee is carefully hand-picked, aerobically fermented for 24hrs, then bagged in grainpro bags and fermented for 200 hours for further fermentation (no typo!). This makes for a fat, thick, fudgy, chocolatey coffee, like molten 72% Valrhona, with oozing raspberry preserves, orange marmalade, gummi bears, and orange blossom notes. I'll go out on a limb and say this is going to rock as espresso as well as drip.

New Brazil Carmo de Minas Luiz Paulo Pereira Natural Sudan Rume! Sold Out!

Sudan Rume is a rare, wild varietal from the Boma Plateau in, you guessed it, South Sudan. Rarely used commercially, due to it's low yield, it's hardy disposition and resistance to coffee rust make it a common component when making higher yield, hardy hybrid strains. However, Sudan Rume is really unique in flavor, and tends to be hugely fruity (in the tropical vein), and explosively floral. This farm and grower have won the Cup of Excellence and Carmo Best Cup in the past, and suffice it to say this coffee is spectacular: floral notes greet in the aroma, with rose, bergamot, lemongrass, even a hint of cardamom. In the cup, salted caramel, plummy sweetness, ripe apricot, and guava notes abound, while the florals carry through, and it's all tied together with an effervescent quality that's the antithesis to the mass quantities of 'chocolate/hazelnut' coffees Brazil is mostly known for. 

New Colombia El Embrujo 'Wizard' Aerobic Natural! Sold Out!

This completes the trifecta: we carried the 'Shaman' carbonic maceration version of this coffee in December, then the 'Witch' anaerobic fermentation version last month, and now the 'Wizard', an aerobically fermented coffee that spends around 40 hours in the fermentation tanks, while being monitoring Brix, TDS, and pH, then laid out to dry in silos where the cherries are mechanically stirred until they reach the optimal moisture level. This farm is on point ecologically, being the first small farm in Colombia producing microlots like these to be IMPACT certified; he employs 48 women year-round; he saves the pulp from processing as fertilizer, and plans to use vermiculture  to process pulp into fertilizer; water from processing is used to water his corn crops; and the whole operation is solar powered. But nevermind all that, I purchased this based on the unbelievable quality of the previous two 'magical' offerings, and here we have tasting notes of grape candy, pink Starburst, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry, fresh lime zest, and light florals. As with the previous 2 coffees, I expect it to be amazing as espresso or drip.

New Ethiopia Gatta Anaerobic Natural! Sold Out!

This coffee hails from an Ethiopian supplier, Daya Bensa, whos coffees I've carried many times before (usually named Shantawene), and they are AMAZING. This coffee comes from Gatta Farm, where they run a very special program to increase the (already stellar) quality of their coffee using methods that aren't common in Ethiopia, like anaerobic processing. This coffee is so unique, so excellent, and so refined, it's being used in competitions, and scoring very well. This coffee is fermented sans oxygen in barrels, then laid out for natural processing in the sun. 

Balance is the name of this astonishing game: deep specialty cacao, with delicate tanginess, and sweet herbacious and spice notes in the aroma carry through to the cup, where strawberry preserves like Smuckers abound, alongside tangerine zest, allspice and clove notes, and floral honeysuckle. Sweet and tangy, deeply chocolatey, with silky mouthfeel, an utterly decadent cup. 

New Colombia El Embrujo 'Witch' Anaerobic! Sold Out!

Some of you had the chance to try the mega-insane Holiday Release Colombia El Embrujo 'Shaman' Carbonic Maceration, most of you did not (and it's a shame because it was stunningly fruity!). Well, this coffee is from the same grower, using anaerobic fermentation during processing. I could go into loads of detail on the farm and grower, as I did in the Holiday Release write-up, but I'll cut to the chase here: this coffee is hand-sorted, then anearobically fermented for 96-100 hours, during which BRIX, TDS, and pH are monitored closely. When fermentation is done, the cherries are naturally dried in silos. 

The effect is profound: deep, silky, molten sipping chocolate, blackberry preserve, plum, dried prune, port wine, and even cola notes abound, and it's a monster of a deeply sweet, juicy cup. I expect to set the bar for espresso shots with this one! 

If you're wondering what's going on with the nonclementure: El Embrujo means 'bewitched', and of course the coffees are called the 'Shaman', 'Wizard', and 'Witch'. They're having fun with it!

New Costa Rica Solis & Cordero La Maquina Honey/Natural! Sold Out!

Ivan Solis worked for years at Coopedota, a supplier I've used many times, and in 2017 opened Solis & Cordero Micro Mill, both to provide opportunity to his children, as well as the local community. For this coffee, cherries are hand-picked and sorted, washed, then transferred to tanks for anaerobic fermentation using yeast for 96 hours. The cherries are then pulped, and laid out to dry on raised beds, African-style. 

The effect is unique and almost startling, with buckets of candied orange peel, port wine/grape, tropical notes of dragon fruit, and pineapple-y IPA-like herbacious notes. Amazing for drip, and an entertaining, juicy espresso. 


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  1. Even the mailman loved it! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2020)

    The tetsi ayla is amazing. Love the berriness and really...when is an Ethiopian for Nate ever bad? Never. Plus, the mailman commented on how good my mail smelled

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