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Limited Release

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This year, I'm doing something a little different: I'll be buying very small amounts of very special coffees, 20-50lbs, and selling them here as limited edition coffees. I'll be rotating coffees through very quickly, I doubt most will last more than a week, so if something piques your interest, grab it quick! Since these are VERY limited amounts, and the holidays make it very hard to guage purchases, in the off chance I run out of one Limited Release, you will be sent the next one up.

Ninth Release: Colombia Chapacual Fabian Villota Raised Bed!

This coffee is from a 4th generation farmer, who only started growing coffee 6 years ago. Their efforts have paid off, and they received a significant increase in price over Colombia's federal market value. This coffee is lush, playing the line between elegance and comfort coffee; mandarin orange, sweet pomegranate, and cherry, with gentle baking spice notes rounding it out. 

Eighth Release: Rwanda Mahembe Murundo Triple Washed! Sold out!

This coffee is from an estate and washing station that placed 3rd in Rwanda's Cup of Excellence competition in 2018. Golden raisin sweetness, silky smooth body, mandarin orange, apricot, floral rose notes, and vanilla permeate this refined, elegant cup. Shipping toward the end of next week! 

Seventh Release: Honduras Tapuiman Catracha Hector Ventura Honey Process! SOLD OUT! 

This coffee is grown on a 2.5 acre farm with it's own micromill, and this is the first year Hector has had enough drying tables to produce a honey-process microlot. The extra pay from this coffee will provide upgrades to his farm for next year. Let's just say I roasted a test lb, and my family was floored: this is just a seriously crowd-pleasing coffee, with heavy viscocity, caramelly sweetness, milk chocolate notes, and beautiful black cherry and stone fruit notes. Truly world-class coffee!

Sixth Release: Ethiopia Shanta Wene Testi Ayla Raised Bed Natural! Sold Out!

Testi Ayla is an independent washing station in the Sidama region, with a reputation for turning out both washed and natural coffees at a very high level. They also experiment with carbonic maceration and anaerobic fermentation, which I wanted to try but they're REALLY expensive, so I got this 'normal' raised bed natural. If I had to choose one origin to drink for the rest of my life, it would be Ethiopian, and my customers know I generally have amazing, top tier natural Ethiopias on hand. This is reaching peak Ethiopia natural berry explosion time here, which just makes me so happy: notes of chocolate, caramel, and thick with berry/jammy notes, and beautiful florals. 

Fifth Release: Costa Rica San Rafael Carlos Fernandez Morera Anaerobic Fermentation! Sold Out!

These offerings keep getting more and more special. This Costa Rica is grown by a farmer who’s family has cultivated the farm since 1895; it’s his 63rd crop he’s wrapping up this year on that land. He processes this coffee using anaerobic fermentation (if you want to know what that means see below), which profoundly affects the flavor. This coffee finished in the top 5 in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2017. Yes, this coffee deserves the descriptor ‘special’ just based on that, then we get to the tasting notes: cinnamon toast, gingerbread, clove, pear, apple, raisin, sugary sweetness and clean fruitiness in a buttery, complex cup.

Anaerobic fermentation: all coffees are processed using various levels of fermentation, be it natural process (fermentation of the cherry on the bean as it dries), or full wet process (much faster and more fermenty immersed in water). In both cases, it’s done out of necessity, to help remove the cherry from the bean, and it’s intent is purely functional. However, coffee processors are learning to manipulate the outcome of whatever fermentation process is used to influence a specific, desired outcome or flavor. Anaerobic fermentation is ‘without oxygen’; while there will still be oxygen present during the process, anaerobic refers to the process happening in a sealed, air-free tank, with no external source of air. There are many types of bacteria, some of which thrive in an anaerobic environment, others of which do not, and the anaerobic process heavily influences which bacteria survive to ferment, and hence the outcome and flavors brought out through the processing. 

Fourth Release: Kenya Nuyeri Rukira Triple Washed Peaberry! SOLD OUT, but we may revisit.

When I first got into coffee a few decades ago, I tried a Kenya at Peet's, and hated it. Sour, punchy, just too much going on. Since then, my tastes have expanded, and it was a particular Kenya from the godmother of American coffee, Erma Knutsen, that blew my mind. Unfortunately, Erma died, and Knutsen is gone, but good Kenya? Oh yes, Kenya grows some of the finest coffee on the planet. This coffee from the Rukira processing facility is comprised of coffees from 600 farmers, who are so small that each one only grows around enough cherry to create 60lbs exportable green coffee. That's tiny! So are these peaberries, but don't underestimate: blackberry, pineapple, pomegranate, plum, and green apple fruit notes with savory heirloom tomato, vanilla, and salted caramel; savory and sweet, bright and balanced, with a classic winey, grapey Kenya punch. It's a knockout!

Third Release: Guatemala Santa Cruz Barillas Carlos Serrano Fully Washed! SOLD OUT!

It's time for a good washed coffee, so I turn to Guatemala as our next origin! When my supplier calls this 'one of the best Guatemalas I've ever had', I listen, and here we are. Grown by a doctor on his small 135 acre farm, with their own processing facilities, allowing the most meticulous care to be applied, start to finish. Good florals in the dry aroma, and in the cup is a whole sweet fruit basket: apple cider, red grape, plum, peach, starfruit, with loads of opulent milk chocolate notes and thick, heavy body. 

Second release: El Salvador Apaneca Las Ninfas Raised Bed Natural Pacamara! SOLD OUT!

Pacamara is a varietal developed especially to create GIGANTIC beans. If you've never seen a Pacamara, it's a little shocking. I've only carried a few Pacamara's, but the ones I've had have been amazing; that being said, I've never had a natural process Pacamara, which is unusual for the varietal and origin; add in 'buttermilk pancake and blueberry syrup' tasting notes, and HOLLA! I had to jump on this before it's gone. Oozing brown sugar sweetness, grape, black cherry, tropical fruit, clean and juicy. YESS!

First release: Organic Uganda Kaproron Sipi Falls Natural! SOLD OUT!

Sipi Falls is an outstanding processing center/wet mill that produces some of the finest coffees Africa has to offer. They mostly produce wet-process coffees, but in 2016 started producing honey and dry process coffees, and they are simply outstanding. This cup is juicy, grapey, with loads of melon, apricot, berries, and purple plums, all floral, sweet, and elegant. 

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  1. What coffee should taste like 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 29th Dec 2020)

    i've made this as pour over, espresso shot, and americano and i gotta say, *this* is what is in my head when i think what great coffee ought to taste like.

  2. Even the mailman loved it! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2020)

    The tetsi ayla is amazing. Love the berriness and really...when is an Ethiopian for Nate ever bad? Never. Plus, the mailman commented on how good my mail smelled

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