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This year, I'm doing something a little different: I'll be buying very small amounts of very special coffees, 20-50lbs, and selling them here as limited edition coffees. I'll be rotating coffees through very quickly, I doubt most will last more than a week, so if something piques your interest, grab it quick! Since these are VERY limited amounts: in the off chance I run out of one Limited Release, you will be sent the next one up. Sold in 1lb increments.

New Limited Release Honduras Santa Elena Adalila Argueta Honey!

When I saw that this coffee is Kombucha-fermented, I had to give it a try. Adalila Argueta owns a 2 acre (!) farm, and while in the past she has sold to middlemen, the last two years she has been working with Catracha Coffee to improve farm management and growing/processing practices, including the transition to organic fertilizers and fungicides to control coffee rust. This coffee is slightly fermented overnight before depulping, then fermented in barrels of water with Kombucha SCOBY for 24 hours, and only then laid out with mucilage still attached to the beans for honey processing on raised beds in the sun. This unconventional process leads to a super-clean, crisp flavor profile, unlike many experimental methods: leading with apple, pear, and apricot notes, the sweet, balanced acidity give way to soft milk chocolate and caramel notes, and even some maple syrup in the backdrop. The perfect fall>winter coffee!

New Limited Release Uganda Organic Mbale Mountain Harvest Raised Bed Honey Process! Sold Out!

Our first Limited Release was a Uganda; we've featured a couple since, and it's always exciting! Uganda grows exceptionally under-rated coffee, in my opinion, and this coffee is right up there with the best. Mountain Harvest is a newer company dedicated to 'long-term economic and environmental sustainability for smallholders', and their efforts bring farmers 10-30% over local market pricing. This coffee is honey-processed, which is similar to natural process, but with some cherry removed. This coffee puts both terroir and processing method on full display: blackberry, red grape, watermelon, and sweet orange, with deep chocolate notes, and an overarching gentle savory-ness tying it all together beautifully. Immense, and balanced!

New Limited Release Bolivia San Lorenzo Yulissa Chambi Anaerobic Washed! Sold out!

This coffee is grown on a 10 acre farm by a 21 year old woman, Yulissa Chambi, who is in the process of getting a university degree, while turning out amazing, experimentally processed beans like these. She carefully harvests, depulps, ferments in sealed tanks (anaerobic), washes, then dries the beans on raised beds, and the result isn't some super boozy ferment funk! This coffee is clean, with words like 'immaculate' being thrown about by the supplier, with silky milk chocolate, sweet Bing cherry, grape candy, pomegranate tartness, and distinctive floral notes.

New Limited Release Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso Double Washed! Sold Out!

This is a departure from my typical preference of super-fruity natural Ethiopias, but once in a while I like to throw in a high quality, washed coffee to mix it up. Dumerso is a woman-owned processing station, with 95% of the 400 workers employed there also women. They acheived both organic and Rainforest Alliance certification in the last year, and recently started a project to compress coffee parchment from processing into fire logs to give back to local growers, reducing deforestation. The care in processing shows: hugely floral, with honeysuckle and orange blossom notes, lemon preserves, tangerine, and gentle berry and stone fruit notes. 

Re-release! Costa Rica Canuela Cafe de Altura Raised Bed Natural! ~Delayed in shipping, first roast date 9.4.22~

This coffee got a lot of love, so we are revisiting it to give those who did not get to try it another chance (or for those who loved it to stock up!). This coffee is from a cutting edge mill that's focused on improving quality and consistency using state of the art means, and this coffee goes through extensive sorting to remove lower quality beans. Naturally processed with the cherries intact, this coffee smells fruity even unroasted, like mango and cherry; when roasted, it's a basket of sweet berries, like raspberry and strawberry, anchored by sweet milk chocolate, some moderate pink lemonade notes, and grapey notes throughout. 

New Kenya Mumwe Mahiga Double Fermented Double Washed! Sold Out!

This coffee from the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society in Nyeri is unique in several ways. First, the Coop ensures middlemen are cut out, and a greater share of the profit goes to the growers; second, Kenya is known for meticulous processing methods, but double fermentation is exceedingly rare, and this leads to a lush cup of superbly balanced coffee: honey, caramel, and marmalade sweetness dominate, but are bookended by dark chocolate notes on one side, and cranberry preserve, mandarine orange, even yuzu on the other, with delicate lavender and oolong tea on top. 

New Costa Rica Canuela Cafe de Altura Raised Bed Natural! Sold Out!

This coffee is from a cutting edge mill that's focused on improving quality and consistency using state of the art means, and this coffee goes through extensive sorting to remove lower quality beans. Naturally processed with the cherries intact, this coffee smells fruity even unroasted, like mango and cherry; when roasted, it's a basket of sweet berries, like raspberry and strawberry, anchored by sweet milk chocolate, some moderate pink lemonade notes, and grapey notes throughout. 

New Burundi Gashoho Bavyeyi Raised Bed Natural! Sold Out!

Natural processing is a newer method in Burundi, primarily known for its washed beans; however, specialty coffee as a whole tends to love the fruit-bomb naturals, and so Burundi growers have responded with some absolutely stunning natural process beans. This coffee is a festival of berry delight: sweet, ripe, tangy blackberry is at the fore, with sweet juicy nectarine, in a base of caramel or burnt sugar sweetness, and a hint of lemon zest. 

New Mexico Bella Vista Rosalba Cifuentes Family! Sold Out!

This coffee is grown in Chiapas by the Cifuentes family. A lot of coffee grown in Chiapas isn't the most exciting stuff, and descriptors tend to be bland and generic. This coffee is anything but: distinct citric notes of lemon peel, orange marmalade, and tangerine are refined, and balanced by milk chocolate, marzipan, and golden raisins, and this will make beautifully balanced drip, or if you're adventurous, a chocolatey, citrusy espresso!

New Ecuador Pichincha and Imbabura Canopy Dried! Sold Out!

This coffee is produced by perhaps the most famous grower in Ecuador, Galo Morales. He has been placing in the top 3 in almost every coffee competition he enters, if not outright winning, and has set the record for the highest price ever paid for Ecuadorian coffee ($100/lb, if you're I'm happy to offer this amazing coffee for, well, not $100/lb! They nicknamed this lot 'Cherimoya', because in their tasting notes that tropical fruit was a dominant note. I've never had cherimoya, so I'll leave that out of my description here, but I definitely get notes of soursop in the aroma when roasting; in the cup, carmelized brown sugars lead to honeydew Hi-Chew, gentle tangerine acidity, and sweet honeysuckle florals. 

New Limited Release Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley Kimel Estate Peaberry! Sold Out!

This estate was founded in 1974, and has been run under expert guidance since, developing a stellar name for turning out consistently great coffees, while providing housing, schooling, and medical services for the 432 workers and their families, and using ecologically sounds means of production. This coffee is huge and complex, with notes of jolly green ranchers, pecan praline and fig sweetness, and herbal sage and even rosemary notes, making for an elegant and balanced cup. 

New Limited Release Peru Organic El Diamonte Flores Family Raised Bed Dried! Sold Out!

Peru is an interesting origin. Most coffee is organically grown on extremely small, individually owned plots of land, interspersed with local crops like bananas, corn, and beans. This coffee is grown by 30 members of the Flores family, under the guidance of David Flores Chilcon. Each family member processes their coffee, with David's guidance, at their own micro mill, and then the coffees are fermented, depulped, washed, and dried on raised beds over 18 days. This coffee has loads of brown sugar, dried stone fruit, and horchata, with plummy, jammy fruit notes, and lemon zest effervescence. 

New Limited Release Timor-Leste Organic Eratoi Home Process! Sold Out!

A lot of people don't know where Timor is, off-hand, let alone know they produce some amazing coffee, with extraordinary traceability and transparency. Coffees are generally grown on a very small scale, and processed using small home mills, unlike most regions where even small lots are pooled and processed at larger regional mills. 

I've been blown away by so many coffees from Timor: they're just so balanced, clean, and utterly chuggable, and I always want another cup. I've carried coffee from this sub-village, Eratoi, before, and this years coffee is expertly processed, clean, and sweet, with maple-fudge, toasted walnut, stewed peach, and orange blossom. 

New Brazil Carmo de Minas Alvaro Antonio Pereira Yellow Bourbon Natural! Sold out!

This is the first Limited Release coffee we have provided from Brazil. Brazil is the largest coffee producing countries, and as such, is known for mass quantities of highly automated, mechanically picked and processed commodity coffees, lowc quality stuff. But that's not to say they don't or can't produce amazing coffee: they have as much or more expertise than nearly anyone, and coffees like this are an exception. This carefully natural processed coffee is oozing with caramelized sugar, maple syrup, and golden raisin, with ripe banana, fresh ripe fig, and purple plum fruit, and topped off with toasted walnut and cinnamon notes. 

New Java Riunngunung Estate Anaerobic Natural! Sold Out!

Indonesia is traditionally known for earthy, one dimensional, wet-hulled coffees, but there has been a recent uptick in high quality, uniquely processed coffees that stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of any other country, and they even held their first Cup of Excellence competition this year. This coffee is harvested from a corner of the plantation that reaches near-freezing temps, which stresses the coffee plant, slows development, and produces a better bean. It's not just unusual because it's a natural process, which is difficult in wet, rainy Indonesia, but it's anaerobically processed. Carefully picked cherries are soaked with lactobacillis for 3 days in closed containers, before being removed and laid out for natural drying on raised beds for 18-21 days, then hulled, milled, and hand sorted. The quality is exceptional, the flavor astonishing: deep and chocolatey, with intense wine notes, a basket of berries, and florals that recall elderberry and rose.

New Ethiopia Organic Halo Bariti Addisu Kidane Raised Bed Natural! Sold Out!

Somewhat unusually, this is a micro-lot Yirgacheffe from a single farmer, Addisu Kidane. He has been working the farm since he was a child, inheriting it from his father, and he supports his family of 8 (!) children through the production of the excellent microlots. He is a member of the Halo Bariti coop, which he takes his cherries to for processing. I love buying coffees like this that have a direct impact on an individual and his family, and it's not hard to justify, at all: this coffee is wild! Fruity, fudgey, and bodaciously herbacious, this coffee starts out as expected of a natural Yirg, with peach and plum, but wait for it! It goes hard into winey Pinot, fudgey dark chocolate, herbal notes, light floral honeyed notes....this coffee is exciting, and will make for some gonzo espresso for the adventurous types.

New Colombia Huila Double Macerated Caturra! Sold Out!

No, you're not seeing double: this coffee is from the same farmers and supplier as the previous coffee featured below, processed in the same way, just of the Caturra varietal instead of Pacamara. I thought it would be fun to contrast and compare two varietals processed with the same excellent, experimental double maceration technique! With caramelly, honey-granola sweetness, notes of apple and plum, orange zest, and a dusting of cinnamon, it's wildly different, but fantastically excellent. 

New Colombia Huila Double Macerated Honey Pacamara! Sold Out!

A lot goes into a good coffee bean. In this case, terroir (where it's grown), variety (Pacamara), innovative processing (double macerated), and farmer collaboration all combine to create an amazing coffee (and that's all before I get my grubby paws on it). It all comes together to provide a creamy smooth, refined, fruit-forward cup that will knock your socks off, with loads of jammy, berry notes, pear-like sweetness, and jasmine florals. 

New Ethiopia Organic Banko Chelchele Hambela Natural!

This coffee is sourced from METAD, a group which owns the first and only SCAA-certified, privately owned coffee quality control lab on the continent. This immaculately-processed coffee has lots of stone-fruit notes, like sweet fresh apricot, blackberry tang, and floral lavender with a hint of earl grey. I pulled some exquisite espresso shots with it, though it will excel as pourover or drip.

New Sumatra Kersik Tuo Koperasi Alko Raised Bed Natural! Sold Out!

Most Sumatran coffee is earthy and sometimes rather one-dimensional, due to the standard wet-hulled processing which is dictated heavily by the weather, which is absolutely NOT ideal for natural processing. So when I see a fantastic natural processed Sumatra, I feel compelled to support the intensive efforts it takes to make this happen (including building canopies over raised beds to protect it from the frequent rain, extended drying periods, etc). This coffee is immaculately processed, displaying the big chocolate and herbal/foresty notes Sumatra is known for, but layered with an almost Kenya-like winey note, Bing cherry, orange zest, and hibiscus. 

New Uganda Organic Kapchorwa Sipi Falls Raised Bed Honey! Sold Out!

This little 'Limited Release' trial turned into what is now a yearlong, and permanent, endeavor. This release brings us full circle in more ways than one: scroll down here, and you'll see every coffee featured, including our first, also a Uganda from the amazing Sipi Falls mill. Sipi Falls processes some of the finest coffees in Uganda, and this one shines, with deep chocolate fudge notes, caramel sweetness, hazelnut, and fruit notes from the honey processing, balancing the depth with beautiful tropical fruit acidity.

New Colombia Huila Double Macerated Honey Pacamara! Sold Out!

Yeeow! Leaning heavily into the funk, this uncommon hybrid varietal that's rarely found outside of its native El Salvador has XL sized beans, it's processed in a highly unusual experimental manner, and it's chock-full of unusual flavors, like tropical-fruity papaya, apple cider, and caramelly sweetness, with gentle clove and floral notes. 

New Ethiopia Organic Gedeb Bedhatu Jibicho Natural!

Bedhatu Jibicho is a fantastic grower, renowned for her singular pursuit of excellence in coffee. Her husband died in 1991, and she has singlehandedly created one of the best producing farms in her region, while raising 6 children. Her farm is part of the famous Banko Gotiti cooperative, and she has been recognized by the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union as a model farmer. So, this coffee is as stellar as Ethiopia coffees can be, with milk chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and honeysuckle floral notes, and absolutely shines as pourover or drip (espresso usage to be determined). 

New! Nicaragua Limoncillo Javanica Low Temp Anaerobic! Sold Out!

I'll admit that if asked what my favorite origins are, Nicaragua doesn't come to mind. But that's unfair: every origin has amazing, mind-blowing coffee, some might just take a bit more work to find. So I'm super happy to offer this crazy, weird, experimentally processed coffee from Nicaragua. 

Limoncillo is the farm, and Javanica is the varietal. What is Javanica? Well, the owner of Limoncillo, Esteban Mierisch, was offered coffee beans by a guy selling fruit on the side of the road, and out of curiosity, bought them and planted them. It turned out the beans were Ethiopia Longberry beans that had been taken to the Island of Java and cultivated there, and they were from a defunct project called UNICAFE, which was trying to introduce and study exotic new varietals. Esteban dubbed them 'Javanica', due to their new home in Nicaragua, and here we are. These beans have made many strong appearances in the Cup of Excellence competition. Limoncillo has child care, a primary school, a clinic, provides yearly training for employees, and produces its own renewable energy through hydro powered turbines.

The Mierisch family has experimented heavily with anaerobic fermentation; these beans are fermented for 48 hours in cold, oxygen-free barrels, then patio dried on a special raised net, then raised bed-dried further for a total of 32 days of drying time. All this lends to a superb cup, blueberry and watermelon up front, anchored in heavy chocolate, and with caramelly sweetness. 

New! Kenya Nyeri Mahinga Double Fermented Double Washed! Sold Out!

This coffee comes from a co-op of 400 small shareholders, processed at the Mahinga washing station. They decided to experimentally process this coffee, using 2 rounds of fermentation, then double washing, to create an exceedingly fruit forward cup: lots of dark cherry, sweet peach, and brown sugar sweetness are anchored by creamy dark chocolate notes, but as it sits on the palate, sweet canned mandarin syrup comes to the fore, with gorgeous umami/savory note to keep the sweet fruitiness in check. 

Mexico Finca La Estancia Anaerobic Natural! Sold out!

We featured a pretty killer Mexico a couple coffees down this list, and I adored it (customer feedback was great, with some sadness on its departure from the store), so I'm even more psyched to offer this experimentally processed anaerobic Mexican. This coffee is grown on a tiny farm by Marco Antonio Cadena Solis; he chooses the ripest cherries, lets them sit in sealed tanks without water for 90-120 hours, then patio dries as a natural-processed coffee for 17-20 days. In the cup it's all winey, grapey purple fruit notes, with sweet rose florals, and the body and bittersweetness of 72% Valrhona chocolate. It's an absolute knockout, if you're into fruit-bomb natural coffees!

New! Costa Rica Tarrazu Coopedota! Sold out!

Coopedota is a fantastic cooperative with a world-class commitment to the environment. They started the first-of-it's-kind hydro-powered carbon-neutral mill; they have water efficient eco-pulpers; and they use mechanical coffee dryers fueled by coffee parchment. This coffee is among the best washed coffees the origin can produce: caramelized brown sugar and honey sweetness lead into a juicy, sweet stone fruit salad of plum, nectarine, and apricot, with cinnamon spice notes. It's a carefully picked, processed, and sorted coffee, and a breeze to roast and brew, tasting great almost no matter what you do on any front.

Colombia Organic RFA SMBC Aratoca Mildred Munoz Solar Dried Natural! 

This experimental natural coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic, and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Council certified, and grown by a female owned and operated farm, which provides the women workers with 4 times the average local income. This coffee is experimentally processed with anaerobic maceration, and the result is wildly tropical, yet elegant: sweet peaches, pineapple, mulberry, and rose, with a base of cacao, vanilla, and effervescent pine. 

New! Bolivia Irupana Jeivert Panuni Raised Bed Natural!

Bolivia, as a coffee producing country, has had a rocky time of things. Coffee has been in Bolivia for hundreds of years, but very much as an afterthought, with more profitable crops like coca taking the spotlight. But a few professionals in Bolivia are driving change, and the quality of Bolivian coffee is on the rise. This coffee is from a single farmer, Jeivert Panuni, who's farm is at a higher than average altitude, for Bolivia. This slows growth and cherry maturation, as well as lengthening the picking time, requiring more passes through the fields. It's natural processed, being dried on raised beds, and carefully sorted through the hand-picking and drying process. In the cup, you have a heavy-bodied coffee, with apricot and peach, wild berry, and jasmine notes. This coffee should make amazing single origin espresso, as well as drip. 


This coffee is from Finca San Carlos, which dates back to the 1800's; after years of neglect, my supplier invested in the farm, and today it's run with zero compromises in growing and processing, using ecologically sound means and excellent processing practices to turn out amazing coffee, with their 40 employees. Mexico, as an origin, may not have the cache of some other origins, but make no mistake, this coffee ROCKS: milk chocolate, marshmallow, and honeyed sweetness reminiscent of smores, with kumquat fruit notes, and nice florals, this coffee will please any way you serve it up!

New! Yemen Sa'Dah Khulani Natural! Sold Out!

I LOVE Yemeni coffees, I love the history and process behind them, and I love supporting the families that grow the coffee. It's a war torn country that can't catch a break, so buying these coffees is important. Yemeni coffees are grown, a few trees at a time, by individual families, and naturally processed due to the climate, lack of water, and lack of equipment; families will pool their crop, and haul it by donkey to the closest village; villages pool their gathered crops, and haul it to the town, then the city, and so on. This process brings a lot of diversity in the beans, and flavors in the cup; it's literally wild stuff, in every way. It can be challenging to roast, because the elevations, bean size and density, etc can vary wildly, all in one bag; you can have beans entering 1st crack and exiting it, at the same time. It's also know for having all kinds of crazy debris in it, from toenail clippings to bullets!

This specific coffee is grown and pooled by a group of 109 farmers run by the Khulani Coffee Society, which is involved in improving coffee quality and investment. In the cup, it's more refined than many Yemeni coffees, very sweet, with raspberry and rose, but still the traditional flavors come through, with tobacco, tanned leather, and dark cacao powder anchoring the cup. I typically adore Yemen as a singled origin espresso, and it makes amazing full-immersion brew.

New! Colombia Monteblanco Pink Bourbon! Sold out!

This rare varietal is a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon, whereby the cherries only ripen to a beautiful shade of pink, not deep red; it's also highly resistent to coffee rust (a leaf disease), and tastes amazing too. This coffee is meticulously processed by Rodrigo Valencia on his farm, which has turned out many comnpetition-winning coffees. This gem is caramelly-sweet, with apricot, mango, citrus, and floral jasmine and honeysuckle notes, as well as a unique umami/savory flavor. This coffee is extremely expensive, nearly double what other Limited Release coffees cost, but I just had to offer it, with just a slight increase in price. 

New! Peru Organic Verde Kiwa! SOLD OUT!

This coffee is a micro lot, grown on an 8.5 acre lot, and processed by the farmer himself, not an outside processor. With help from the exporter, he's managed to sell his excellent coffee at higher than average market rates, and put his 4 children through school. This coffee is potent: heavy body, deeply sweet and chocolatey, with graham cracker, green apple, orange, and savory-like notes reminiscent of a top Kenya coffee. 

New! Ethiopia Dumerso Dirshaye Raised Bed Natural! SOLD OUT!

This natural process coffee puts blueberry and blackberry notes front and center. However, it's not a one-trick pony: loads of floral orange blossom and honeysuckle notes, deep dark chocolate, and just enough citrus snap to balance it all out make for a highly complex, gorgeous cup, as drip or a punchy espresso!


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  1. Extremely delicious, very smooth 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 13th Sep 2022)

    Ordered more of the Costa Rica Canuela Cafe de Altura Raised Bed Natural. The first pot I brewed won me over for this stuff.

  2. Delicious 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Jul 2022)

    This is around my 5th order from WCR. Coffee is always delivered fresh and fast and is awesome as a preworkout , black with banana.

  3. Great as usual 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Feb 2022)

    I’ve been a West Coast Roasting customer for a long time now. Nate offers an exceptional product at a great price. This special reserve offering is no different. Thanks!

  4. Ethiopia Organic Banko Chelchele Hambela Natural 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 21st Jan 2022)

    I usually always jump when West Coast Roasting gets a limited release Ethiopian Coffee. The Ethiopia Organic Banko Chelchele Hambela Natural was such a beautiful tasting (I can't think of a better way to phrase it), which has such a wonderful smooth flavor with hints of Blackberry and Lavender. I absolutely absolutely loved this one. I ordered it last week, got it quickly, and it seems like this one sold out already.

  5. Always Fantastic 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 12th Oct 2021)

    In the last 6 months I’ve been really surprised and impressed at the limited release selections. To the point that I’ve wanted to reorder a certain variety only to find they’re already sold out!

  6. Rich and yummy 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 17th Sep 2021)

    Enjoyed this very much!

  7. Amazing Variety 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Feb 2021)

    I’ve been buying the limited releases for the past few months and every release is great! I’m fairly new to the world of coffee and stumbled on to this roaster via Reddit. I look forward to more releases and I highly suggest you give it a try.

  8. Best coffee of my life 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 16th Feb 2021)

    I'm fairly new to the world of being my own coffee and seeking quality providers but I have got to say how impressed I am with this limited edition Peru Fica Tasta. The smell alone makes me happy, but the freshly ground beans are a delight. After my first cup I instantly ordered a bag for a friend. I'm sad it's only a limited release but I'm grateful to have tried it!

  9. What coffee should taste like 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 29th Dec 2020)

    i've made this as pour over, espresso shot, and americano and i gotta say, *this* is what is in my head when i think what great coffee ought to taste like.

  10. Even the mailman loved it! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 22nd Dec 2020)

    The tetsi ayla is amazing. Love the berriness and really...when is an Ethiopian for Nate ever bad? Never. Plus, the mailman commented on how good my mail smelled

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